Welcome to Bridgetown-Bulldogs. My name is Kara Wolfard and thanks for stopping by my website.  To tell you something about my self, my mother bred Chow Chows for over 20 years. I learned a lot through her and became experienced in the do's and don'ts and of course dogs became part of our family and as you know, so easy to love. That I have been involved in dog breeding most of my life- it feels like second nature for me to follow suit.

I fell in love with French Bulldogs a few years ago and got my first Frenchie in early 2012.  Daisey Mae has been a true joy!  We will be expanding our Frenchie family in 2014.

Our goal in breeding Frenchies is to better the breed, be back in the show-ring and to provide wonderful puppies to families, that they can experience the same joy & fulfillment.  Feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have. We also have a great informative "resource center" if you are interested in learning about Frenchies and proper canine care. Thanks!




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